Tomasz Konicz


Radicalism vs. Extremism

Caught in The Spiral of Escalation

China: Multiple Crises Instead of Hegemony

Emancipation in Crisis

Opportunism in Crisis

The Alternative Imperialists

The Subjectless Rule of Capital

Turning Point in Ukraine?

Armenian Blood for Azerbaijani Natural Gas

The Walking Debt

The Necessary Break

Embrace The Chaos

Russian Victory in The Economic War?

Glory and an Ear of Corn

Mountains of Debt on The Move

The Politics of Extreme Debt and Climate Change Adaptation in the Global South*

No More Trade Surplus

Elections with Reservations?

The Deadly Logic of Capital in the Vicious Economic-Ecological Cycle*

Fed and ECB in a Monetary Policy Impasse

A New Quality of The Crisis

Attack on Ukraine: Struggle for World Order


Back to Stagflation?*

The Normalization of The Taliban

*External link, translation not mine